Down By Law


When: Saturday 9 June
Time: Event commences at 5.30pm with delicious food from 'Wild Over Food Co, and our pop-up bar serving the best local refreshments, with the film commencing inside the Village Cinema from 7.30pm.

Film Rating: M (1 hour 47 minutes)

Tickets: Members. $16.00 + booking fee / Non-Members. $20.00 + booking fee

Film Info: Delight in this Jim Jarmusch cult classic, starring Roberto Benini, John Lurie and Tom Waits, Down by Law is a movie about cheap whiskey and black coffee, all-night drunks and lost jobs. It tells the story of a pimp, an unemployed disc jockey and a bewildered Italian tourist and how they escape from jail and wind up slogging through the Louisiana bayous looking for a decent place to have breakfast.


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